Weird Foods To Add To Your Diet



Have you ever heard of blue-green algae, bitter melon, cactus, spaghetti squash or kelp? You may have heard of some of them, but if you haven’t, then you’re certainly not alone. Each of these foods may seem a bit “out there” but they pack a powerful punch, and they’re vegan! The even better news is that they’re low in calories and high in nutrients so they’ll spice up your life without expanding your waistline.

Check out this article from Prevention magazine that shows many of these powerful foods.  Cactus can make a great salad, and we even have a video recipe on our site for bitter melon salsa. In addition, both cactus and bitter melon have been linked in several studies to aiding with blood sugar control.

If you’ve ever found yourself eating the same meal over and over because it was the only thing that you had on hand, or it was the only thing that you knew of that was healthy, you’re not alone. I’ve certainly been plagued by monotony in my food choices as well. At some point, I’ve decided many times that I was “bored” with my foods and should throw in extra salt, fat, or I’ve decided to run out for “junk food.” So, why not check out some of these different foods?






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