Shake off the Winter Blues: Plan a Garden!


In honor of the wintry weather here in Texas, today I thought I’d give everyone something to look forward to…the warmer weather of spring! Although it’s not quite spring yet, it’s definitely a good time to begin doing research on a great way to boost your health in the spring. According to an article appearing on, gardening is thought to fight both stress and depression.

While the mood boosting benefits are certainly helpful to those participating in gardening, the whole family can benefit from the “fruits” of one’s labor. Gardening allows for a cost-effective way to incorporate fresh produce into one’s diet. Carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, even summer watermelon can all be grown in your garden. One of the best parts about gardening may be the reassurance that your food is healthy and hasn’t been sprayed with harmful chemicals—without the added cost that this peace-of-mind will add onto your grocery bill.

While gardening may seem difficult if you’ve never tried it before, Better Homes and Gardens has a wealth of information on getting started gardening along with garden plans to help you choose the best plants and layout for your garden.

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