How Colorful Is Your Diet?

Growing up, my parents tried to get me to eat as much green as possible. For the most part, I wasn’t into the idea of vegetables—certainly not an uncommon adolescent response. As an athlete, and a teenager, I could eat mostly what I wanted and not really see the effects of it. However,as an adult, things have certainly changed. In my college nutrition courses, I heard a lot about making sure to eat a variety of colorful foods, but I didn’t really pay attention to what makes all the different foods so important to my diet. The importance lies in the phytonutrients which are beneficial nutrients that work in specific ways to impact our overall health.

I found a really great infographic that shows the importance of each colorful food group. It explains the benefits of each color on your diet and your health, as well as showing just how many of us don’t get enough of each group. It’s certainly important to understand which foods we consume in excess, but we have to realize what great foods there are that we really aren’t getting enough of. Nourishing our bodies can often begin with just understanding the basic principles of what we really need to not only survive, but thrive.

Check out the infographic, here.


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